What Color Grout Should You Use?

Grout is often an afterthought, but it actually makes a big difference to the overall look of your Moroccan tiles in your home.  It also plays a crucial role in bonding your tiles together and preventing the edges of tiles from suffering damage. Aesthetically, the color of the grout you use can have a major impact on the final appearance of the area you wish to tile.

There are two main options when making decisions about grout color:

Same/Neutral Color
The great thing about choosing grout in either a neutral color or the same color as your tiles is that it can make a space feel larger. This is ideal for smaller bathrooms or kitchens. Keep in mind, if you’ve chosen neutral colored Moroccan tiles, neutral grouts are likely to blend in. This means the actual tile pattern may be less visible. Another thing to take into consideration is that lighter colored grouts and tiles can result in higher maintenance in terms of cleaning.

Contrasting Color
The use of contrasting colors in grout can highlight your Moroccan tile patterns and colors. So, if you want your tile designs to stand out, contrasting grout is a great choice.  It can also reduce the appearance of stains, so can be a great choice in areas that are likely to be stained by water or food, or even from the chemicals in different cleaners.

What We Recommend
In Moroccan architecture, Moroccans only use concrete to bond and install zellige.  This means the joints appear grey.  So, we definitely recommend grey grout for our clients if you’re looking for a traditional Moroccan style look.  Sometimes we may recommend other colors, especially for contemporary projects where a monochromatic color scheme is used, but overall grey is a definite favorite.

With a multitude of grout choices available in today’s market, it pays to give as much consideration to the color of your grout as you do with your Moroccan tile selections.  Grout color can dramatically change the look of a room !

If you would like some help in identifying what grout color will best suit your Moroccan tile project, feel free to give us a call at Zellij Gallery.  We can help you to create the look you’ve been dreaming of.  You can also stop by our West Hollywood showroom to see our expert team, who would be delighted to discuss and advise on appropriate choices.