Design is at the heart of the Zellij Moroccan tile range


Zellij Gallery uses the latest in technology to provide valuable tools to help you select the right color and style combinations to suit your project. If you are interested in experimenting with colors for your Moroccan tiles, check out our Mosaic Color Matching tool. Here you can mix, match and see different color combinations to help you decide what Moroccan tile colors are best for you. If you are an interior designer, decorator, architect, or builder, then our Zellij Color Select tool is for you. This trade-only tool is for professionals working in the field of homes and design. If you are looking for innovative and unique ways to bring quality, authentic and expertly designed products to your clients, register to request access to the Zellij Color Select now.

Custom Designs

Design is at the heart of the Zellij Gallery Moroccan tile range. With 104 years of experience in creating intricate Moroccan mosaic patterns, were equipped to take on almost any custom design project. If youre looking for a unique custom design, contact the Zellij team for a free consult and quote.


The entire Zellij Gallery range, from mosaic tiles to loose field tiles, are made from high quality ceramic and handmade from the same raw materials by our team of Maallems. Different products within the range can be used together to create a seamless and stunning Moroccan-inspired look. With their organic attributes and natural beauty, Moroccan Zellij tiles are also a perfect choice for teaming with other materials, such as marble, limestone and granite. Check out our portfolio to further inspire you about product combinations, or click here to browse the full Zellij Gallery tile range.


Mock-ups and 3D layouts are an important tool for architects and interior designers to simulate and showcase design ideas and to inform design decisions. We know how difficult it is to make design decisions and that is why we use the latest technology to assist our clients to visualize their future living spaces. This premium service is simple just send us your choice of Moroccan tile product along with electronic files of your space (such as drawings, photos or floor plans). One of our design specialists will use your information to produce a high quality rendering customized to your needs so you can see exactly how the space will transform using Moroccan tile.