Loose Field Zellij – Embracing Imperfect Moroccan Tiles.

Outside the sky is grey, the raindrops are completing a half-hearted tap-dance on the window panes and I am left longing for sunnier climates. I look away from the window and the dull day outside and turn my attention to the bright and colorful décor of my home. I applaud my choice of bidding farewell to the safe magnolia that clung to the walls for far too long and saying a long overdue adios to the fuzzy, tired carpets. Instead, I have introduced my humble abode to the vibrancy of Moroccan tiles and my floors are now much sleeker, thanks to the inauguration of fresh and funky Moroccan floor tiles.


I recently discovered the ancient art of Zellij and it has invigorated my approach to the interior design of my home. A traditional Islamic artform, Zellij refers to eye-catching tilework created using geometric tiles that are set in a plaster base to form wonderfully intricate patterns.

I have a particular fondness for loose field Zellij and I am not alone in my affection for this imperfect Moroccan tile. Loose field Zellij has steadily gained popularity and is being used across the U.S and beyond. Loose field Zellij can be used to create and design your own bespoke patterns. They can also be intermingled with other tilework patterns and used to add another dimension to the design.


Imperfection is not for everyone, but beauty is objectionable and while many celebrate uniformity, precision and flawlessness there is something to be said for the uniqueness of difference. That’s the contrast between factory-made tiles (which are blandly standard) and authentic loose field Zellij (which have wonderful irregularities in shape, size and color). It’s this unique difference that makes loose field Zellij stand out from other tiles. The imperfection of these Moroccan tiles precipitates their attractiveness and will help you to make a real style statement. The variation in color helps these tiles to be noticeable and gives them the ability to be used in various locations and many styles of home. 

Loose field Zellij are Moroccan tiles that personify versatility, they can be used for a wide range of projects. They can brighten up walls, add pizazz to tilework in the kitchen and give a bathroom that radiant makeover it’s been crying out for.

Don’t leave your hallway looking sparse, it’s meant to be the cordial gateway to your home, you should give it some character and warmth. Moroccan floor tiles can add a convivial feel, making visitors feel welcome, add some Moroccan spice to your life and theirs!


True Zellij is made with care and attention. Passionate artisans never cut corners and traditional processes are passed down from generation to generation. Loose field Zellij has a number of different grades. In one particular batch, it is not uncommon for 30-50% of the tiles to be considered to be of an unsatisfactory grade. Therefore, in a batch of 12000 there could be between 3600 and 6000 pieces that are not deemed good enough to be passed onto clients.

True Zellij masters would never sell a whole batch of loose field tiles, only those that make the grade. They pride themselves on only providing quality tiles to valued clients and never offer anything considered inferior. Unfortunately, not all producers share that ethos and regularly do sell sub-standard loose field Zellij in an attempt to make a fast buck.


The art of Zellij calls for a delicate process and requires only the purest of clay to be used to craft the tiles. The clay needs to be handled in the correct way, at the optimum temperature and in the right environment. Tiles need to be sundried, left in the oven for a prescribed amount of time and fired twice to ensure they are of the best quality. So, if poor quality clay is used, handled in a cold season, not sundried, left in the oven for an incorrect length of time or only fired once, you will be left with a second-rate product, hence the importance of understanding and following the traditional processes.


Zellij Gallery – Home of craftsmanship, ancient tradition and unique design. 


If you are looking to add style and warmth to your home or business you should look to incorporating Moroccan tiles. Beautiful Zellij tilework from an authentic source can really lift the look of your interior or exterior. Moroccan floor tiles can add a clean, contemporary look and add an element of interest. The Zellij Gallery offer a wide range of loose field Zellij that can be used for a number of exciting projects.

Zellij Gallery is home to masters of the ancient craft of Zellij. A family business, they have over a century of wisdom, experience and skill when it comes to Zellij. More than that they have a fervent passion to continue this ancient tradition and provide authentic Zellij to esteemed customers.