Moorish tiles

For exotic charm and wonderful warmth look to incorporating Moorish Tiles into your home design scheme. If you are planning to makeover your home then go for something striking, that will make you think of long summer days. These tiles are the ideal choice. Intricate design sits happily alongside vibrant colors to bring you a stylish solution for your home restoration or decorating project. Hand-painted tiles can be used for numerous projects and make a great way of decorating kitchen work tops and table tops. Go one further and consider geometric shapes that can a lively look to your walls and can really have an impact on your floors too. Moorish tiles are steeped in tradition, they evoke a sense of authentic Morocco and using them to decorate your home can help you to brighten up what can otherwise be soulless spaces. Add some character to your bathroom and give your kitchen a taste of true Islamic art. 


Moorish tiles are different to the tiles that are made in Europe. These tiles are known for their abstract style – you won’t find symbols relating to people or animals and also more colorful than the traditional tiles from Europe. 


The production processes are also different, with European tiles being cut from clay before being fired and Moorish tiles being fired prior to being cut. The Moorish tiles only needed narrow lines of grout and this allowed them to be laid in an intricate way. 


The Moorish influence has filtered through to many countries. Spain has inherited customs and traditions from Islamic craftsman – these artists worked in many places within the country, between the 8th and 15th century, in locations such as Granada and Seville. Near the end of this period Moorish and Christian art and culture came together and was given a new name “Mudejar.”