Introduce Vibrant Moroccan Tiles – Add a Touch of The Exotic.

Introduce Vibrant Moroccan Tiles – Add a Touch of The Exotic. 


Morocco – a land shrouded in intrigue and beauty. A land seeped in ancient history, its diverse culture encapsulated by historical buildings and ancient arts. Explore Moroccan architecture and you will find an abundance of vivacious colors and creative designs. Riyads and palaces stand proud, decorated lovingly with Zellij (colorful and traditional Moroccan tiles). These tiles add depth and interest to interiors and exteriors alike and if you are lucky enough to find yourself wandering the winding streets of Morocco you will find Zellij decorating fountains, floors, walls and furniture alike. The vivacious colors really stand out and immediately your eyes are drawn to the intricate details and bold patterns.


Say Goodbye to Living in a Plain, White Box. 


Modern architecture has leant itself to a scheme of plain white, the notion behind this being that white showcases the beauty of the building itself. White décor also provides clean lines and offers a stark, fresh feel. However, it is very easy to tire of dull walls, plain floors and uninteresting rooms. Contemporary is cool and classy but if you want to stand out from the crowd you need to add some interest, features that will draw admiring glances and shake up your home or business. It’s time to consider injecting a little Moroccan spice (in the form of authentic Zellij). Step away from the stark white stonework and lackluster tiles, instead embrace color and contrast, vivacity and uniqueness. What better way to do this than to look toward inspirational Moroccan architecture? Zellij can add the zing your interior and exterior is crying out for. From contemporary homes to downtown industrial loft units, Moroccan tiles can add warmth and appeal that will provide the wow factor you have been lacking. For a sophisticated and authentic look, you need to avoid cheap imitations and make sure you acquire authentic Zellij, the difference in quality is obvious. This ancient handicraft has been passed down from generation to generation and incorporating authentic Zellij into your interior and exterior design can produce amazing results.


Moroccan Tiles – A Stylish Design Feature. 


Zellij is very versatile and can be used in a myriad of ways to add panache and style. 

Downtown industrial lofts are very fashionable right now, but if decorated in a certain way they can look cold and a little utilitarian. Contemporary homes have a similar modernistic backdrop that often demands a dose of personality and character. Zellij provides that in abundance. Add an attractive kitchen backsplash or brighten up what’s underfoot by investing in Moroccan floor tiles. If the fireplace is looking a little tired give it a makeover by using appealing Moroccan tiles, the same bright effect can be achieved by tiling the bathroom. Don’t limit your style adventures to indoors either, take yourself outside and open your yard and frontage up to the exotic. If your outdoor space is past its best and the grey paving slabs look drab it’s likely you won’t want be motivated to spend time enjoying the fresh air. Moroccan tiles can really liven up a patio and provide a stunning transformation. If you’re fortunate enough to be the proud owner of a swimming pool make the most of it, make it unique by using Moroccan tiles to add elegance. 


A Celebrated Design Trend. 


Today, Zellij is recognized as a celebrated international design trend, inspiring interior designers and adorning interior and exterior spaces far and wide. Morocco is renowned for artisan trade and the authentic craft of Zellij has stood the test of time. 

Here at the Zellij Gallery we are passionate about nurturing this fine tradition and believe it’s time to do away with the dull and bland, inject a little Moroccan magic in the form of vibrant and inspiring Zellij.