Top 10 Moroccan Tile Designs for Pools

The ancient art of Zellij (Moroccan Tile) is inspired by the diverse and rich culture of Morocco, showcasing the vibrant colors and convoluted patterns associated with this historical land. Fittingly, Zellij is known as the Prince of Tiles and certainly lives up to its name, adding character and personality to your home. If you are seeking a fresh and vibrant look, you should consider updating the interior and exterior of your dwelling with the intricate and exquisite Moroccan tile.


Why not brighten up your kitchen walls with vivid colors, geometric designs and eye-catching motifs. Moroccan tiles will bring your kitchen to life, piece together an elaborate design and add an arabesque twist to the heart of your home. Add a splash of Morocco to your bathroom too, select tiles with interesting patterns and striking shades. It’s time to say goodbye to dull paintwork and lackluster plaster on your walls, instead invigorate your home with Moroccan tiles.